Eaton's Neck, Long Island, New York


from Northport. Carl, Hubert, their father Carl Werner and their tight group of friends traveled there by boat. The distance was approximately 28 miles from East Elmhurst Yacht Club on Flushing Bay in Queens. This favorite camping and beach area was located in Eaton's Neck Basin, which sits adjacent to Coast Guard Cove, just south of North Beach. By moving more easterly to Eaton's Neck, Carl and Hubert incurred no charges for their private beach and camping area.


The only building near where they camped was a cabin with a wind directional tower used by members of a life saving crew. This crew was called upon in an emergency when a ship struck the reef on the Long Island Sound near this site. During this period of time this was a frequent occurrence. In years to come a lighthouse was built to guide ships around this dangerous point. At the present time the lighthouse is maintained under the control of the United States Coastguard.

On the right is the Live Saving Station which was built on the beach below the Eaton's Neck Lighthouse.

Boats the boys traveled on.

Boats anchored near Eaton's Neck


                    Carl Werner Cooking

Hubert unpacking his thing and putting them in the tent.

Carl G with his famous Banjo, Carl Sven, Hubert

Carl Sven, Hubert and Carl G Playing Cards


Meeting New Friends From Camp

Carl and Hubert traveled by boat on Long Island Sound out to Eaton's neck from the late 1920's until the 1930's. They enjoyed boating and camping with their fronds from the East Elmhurst yacht Club and the "Corona Gang". One might say pleasure bats and boat racing was a very important and enjoyable part of their lives.

In 1927, a summer camp named Camp Beacon was started along  a section of land called "Coast Guard Cove". The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) originating in Flushing, Queens, New York started this camp. The owner leased land for free and during the summers young men from flushing and the surrounding area would come out to the camp. The campsites and facilities were free for all that visited or stayed over at the camp. Some activities that were available were baseball, basketball, football, tennis and boating. It is not difficult to imagine that while Carl and Hubert camped near Camp Beacon they were able to make new friends from those who visited the YMCA camp.

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Eaton's Neck Lighthouse

Carl Bolander, billy Klobus, Carl and Hubert Levonius with friends. Notice the Life Saving Station in the background.


Carl and Hubert having a meal with friends.


Jennie and Carl Werner sitting the cot   


The East Elmhurst and Corona Gangs on the East Elmhurst Pier. Hubert on the left. Billy Klobus on the right in the rear. Photo taken September of 1929.


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